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The Game


From South Park Digital Studios, the studio that brought you South Park: The Stick of Truth, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, and South Park: Phone Destroyer comes the next chapter in the journey of the New Kid.

Join Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny, in three-dimensional glory, to celebrate the most magical day in any young child’s life - a snow day! A massive blizzard has thrown the town into chaos and, more importantly, canceled school.

Play with up to three friends, use matchmaking, or solo the game with ally bots and battle through the snow-piled town of South Park. Engage in frenetic, action-packed combat against warring factions in an all-new story where you make the rules. Equip unique weapons and deploy devastating, upgradable special abilities on a new adventure to save the world and enjoy a day without school.

It’s a snow day, dude!

Key Features

  • It’s an all-new 3D co-op game.
  • A blizzard of epic proportions has blanketed the town of South Park and it’s up to Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and you, as the New Kid, to save the town.
  • Experience cooperative gameplay for the first time ever in a South Park game with up to three friends or ally bots - unleashing powerful, coordinated attacks on your foes.
  • Equip and upgrade devastating melee and ranged weapons. Deploy special abilities and powers that will bring hordes of enemies and epic bosses to their knees.
  • Use a wide range of iconic cosmetics and customize your New Kid with endless possible combinations from beanies to Cheesy Poof T-shirts to chin balls.


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Portuguese - Brazil
LATAM Spanish



DLC Information

PRE-ORDER DLC Pre-Order SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY! now and receive the Underpants Gnome Cosmetics pack including the Underpants Gnome hat, a stylish beard, and a green tunic FOR FREE WITH PRE-ORDER!
SEASON PASS Continue your Snow Day adventure with a Season Pass for SOUTH PARK: SNOW DAY! which includes an all-new Game Mode, New Weapons, a Weapon Variation, and Cosmetic Packs. This Season Pass includes 6 DLCs in total:
  • CRED Cosmetic Pack: First up is the CRED Cosmetics Pack. A kid today is defined by their hydration drink – and their swag. Impress your friends and show the world how much CRED you have. The CRED Cosmetics pack gives you plenty of CRED with a fresh hairstyle, a CRED hoodie, and a cape.
  • All-new Game Mode: This all-new Game Mode changes the rules again! Prepare for hellish, new rules and special challenges that make Nichole’s “Infernal Pacts” feel like kindergarten recess.
  • All-new Ranged Weapon and New Cosmetics: The Snowball is perfect for all those who mastered the other ranged weapons in the game. Unleash devastating new attacks on enemies and grant powerful supporting effects on your allies.
  • All-new Melee Weapon and New Cosmetics: A new Melee Weapon will be announced later this season.
  • New Weapon Variation for the Daggers: This Weapon Variation will give the Daggers a devastating overhaul, replacing some of the weapon upgrade cards with crazy new powers that open up completely new play styles and tactics.
  • Asspen Cosmetic Pack: An “Asspen” themed Cosmetic Pack featuring new jackets, hats, and more will be available later this season.

School is cancelled and Henrietta is bored. Join her efforts to pierce the veil and she will allow you “To Danse with Ravenous Shadows” of South Park. Face waves of dark foes, upgrade your weapons, and master more dark powers to earn new cards from Henrietta. This new game mode provides an endless onslaught of enemies to enhance your dark powers.

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The Community

It's a snow day, dude!

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Q: Will there be more content? Is there a roadmap? Where is the Season Pass content?

We are working on a Roadmap that will give a preview on planned free and paid DLC content.
The Season Pass content will be delivered following this rough schedule:
  • CRED cosmetic pack (released March 26)
  • All-new ranged weapon Snowball and new cosmetics (released May 2, 2024). Coming to Switch on May 6, 2024
  • Asspen cosmetic pack (June 2024)
  • All-new melee weapon and new cosmetics (August 2024)
  • New weapon variation and new cosmetics (September 2024)
  • All-new game mode (October 2024)

In addition to the above, we are preparing an update with improvements, bugfixes and additional free Cosmetic pack DLCs to be released in the upcoming weeks.

Q: I accidentally skipped the tutorial. How can I play it again?

You can play the tutorial again by interacting with Butters in Kupa Keep and click the button ‘Replay Tutorial’ on the bottom right side of the screen

Q: I keep getting network errors when trying to connect to others on PS5. What’s going on?

Please doublecheck your NAT type under PS5 Settings > Network > Connection Status > Test Internet Connection:
  • If your NAT type is NAT3, then your network is heavily restricted and you will not be able to play with others unless you have access to the network’s router settings.
  • If your NAT type is NAT2 or NAT1, then please check with the players you are trying to connect to if any of them have NAT type 3.
  • If all desired players have NAT1 or NAT2, then please report it in our community bug database ( https://bugreporting.thqnordic.com/#/projects/140/south-park-snow-day-community/add-issue ), with as much information about all affected player’s connections as possible (e.g. are you on the same network or not, same region or not, can either of you join public matchmaking, etc.)

Q: I reported a bug via the database, but I am not getting any answers. Is my bug even seen?

All bugs that were logged and entered in our system will be checked by a member of the QA team, even if we do not have the time to reply to each bug individually. If you are wondering whether your bug got entered correctly, you can always click on the bug reporting link, then on your profile in the top right > My reported bugs. If your bug is listed there, it got into our database and will be reviewed. This is also where you can select your bug and provide additional information/files if necessary.

Q: I want to reset all my progress and start a fresh game

  • On Steam, right click the game in Steam > Properties > uncheck “Keep save data in the cloud”, then press Windows key + R key and paste %localappdata%/SnowDay/Saved/SaveData and delete the folder with the many numbers.
  • On GOG, right click the game in GOG Galaxy > Manage Installation > Configure > uncheck the Cloud Saves option, then press Windows key + R key and paste %localappdata%/SnowDay/Saved/SaveData and delete the folder with the many numbers.
  • On Xbox, highlight the game in the home screen, press the menu button on your controller and select Manage Game and Add-ons > Saved Data > [your profile] > Delete Save Data > Delete everywhere.
  • On PS5, from your console’s home menu go to Settings > Storage > Console Storage > Saved Data > PS5 games > check the game and select “Delete”. If you had saved your data to the cloud as well (either through auto-upload or manually), also go back to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Saved Data (PS5) > Download or Delete from Cloud Storage > Delete > check the game and select “Delete”.
  • On Nintendo Switch, from the home menu go to System Settings > Data Management > Delete Save Data > select the game > Delete Save Data for [your profile] > Delete Save Data.
If you had saved your data to the cloud as well, also go back to Data Management > Save Data Cloud Backup > select the desired user and game > Delete Back Up Data (needs to be selected twice).

Q: I own the season pass on PS5, but I don't find the Snowball DLC items in-game. What do I have to do?

A: Here is the official guide on how to claim season pass content for PS5 games: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/support/store/playstation-season-pass-support/